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SolSource, LLC

Thank you for visiting our Website. SolSource has been providing quality computer support since 2002. Owned and operated by Dean Engle, SolSource offers over 20 years of experience in the computer service industry (including extensive experience with Microsoft operating systems, server administration, and networking). SolSource is more than qualified to meet your technology needs. We specialize in providing hardware, software and network support to business customers. We enjoy servicing areas extending throughout the Northern Idaho region, and specialize in computer support needs in the dental industry.

As your technology solution source, SolSource will provide service and support that is reliable, affordable, and personable. SolSource is a completely service focused business. We place specific emphasis on the service we provide: addressing the exact needs of our clients with flexible scheduling of onsite service and remote or telephone support. The client's needs are of paramount importance to SolSource. SolSource is dedicated to providing hardware, software and network support which facilitates the successful operation of your business. SolSource is committed to meeting the client's objective in a timely manner and at the established rate.

SolSource provides reliable computer solutions and affordable computer support for your technology needs, while establishing an integrous and personable computer service relationship. All service provided by SolSource will result in maximized efficiency with continued support available at any time. At SolSource, we care that you have an efficient and reliable computer system.